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Balloon ceiling set up

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Balloon Ceiling
Set Up

If we were to define our ceiling decorations in one word it would be: Magical. Our decorations descend with delicacy and a lot of shine, they are perfect for glam events, they cause an impact and are unforgettable.

Help us put together your dream decoration

Complement your decorations with our accessories!

31” latex balloons $10.

Starburst $20 each.
Jumbo Starburst $25
(Air filled)

Orbitz 24” $10
Orbitz 36” $15
(Air filled)

Bubbles 10” $5
Bubbles 24” $10
Bubbles 30” $15

Clear Dimond
and Cubes 18” $10

Mylar foil 18” to 24” $10
30” to 40” $15
Foil numbers 40” $15

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