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Rentals and Events in Tampa

Balloon Garlands

Add a touch of drama, glamor and a lot of style to your parties and events with our balloon garlands. A proposal that fits all your themes!

Balloon Garland Decorations in Tampa, FL. Rentals and Events in usa

We make your events a special moment

Choose your favorite and let's start creating.

The Standard

Our standard model adapts to all types of events and has variations in size ranging from 5”, 12” and 19”, it is designed in solid colors only.
Starting price $20 per foot

The Standard Plus

Like the traditional standard, our standard plus comes in three sizes: 5”, 12” and 19”. Unlike the previous one, this one is designed with solid color balloons, print balloons and chrome latex balloons.
Starting price $25 per foot

Fantasy Garland

This balloon garland is another level of show, with greater integration of thematic elements, glitter and glam. It ranges in size from 5”, 12” and 19”, and comes in solid, chrome and patterned colors.
Starting price $35 per foot

Fabulous Garland

This fabulous garland comes in three sizes: 5”, 12” and 19” and is ideal for baptisms, first communions, baby showers and gender reveals. You will love them!
Starting price $35 per foot

Help us put together your dream decoration

Complement your decorations with our accessories!

31” latex balloons $10.

Starburst $20 each.
Jumbo Starburst $25
(Air filled)

Orbitz 24” $10
Orbitz 36” $15
(Air filled)

Bubbles 10” $5
Bubbles 24” $10
Bubbles 30” $15

Clear Dimond
and Cubes 18” $10

Mylar foil 18” to 24” $10
30” to 40” $15
Foil numbers 40” $15

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