What could be more glamorous than a splash of color and some flashing lights in the water? By adding pool balloon decorations, you’re already halfway to guaranteeing the success of your pool party.

When you plan to decorate the pool with floating balloons, or when you want to personalize your balloon arrangements by the poolside, you’ll find what you need at Party Now Tampa. Our foil and latex balloons come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Something from our selection is sure to match your theme.

Tell us your vision for your pool party and we’ll help you find the perfect balloons to brighten the venue and liven up the experience. Whether you’re looking for elegant white-and-gold arrangements or playful pastel decorations, we can personalize our balloon decor based on your unique ideas.

View our sample pool balloon decor below.

Color, lights and glamour on the water

Why Choose Us

Party Now Tampa started its furniture rental services in 2015. Over the years, we have built a solid network of reliable suppliers that allow us to provide balloon retail and arrangement services in the Tampa Bay Area.

We also carry Gemar, an Italian brand of biodegradable and long-lasting latex balloons. We provide a full range of balloon colors, designs, shapes, and sizes from the renowned European manufacturer. 

Additionally, we can provide personalized balloon arrangements for you. We’re the only physical party decoration store in Tampa where you can view samples and choose which colors you want on site.

Need balloon decorations for your upcoming pool party? We’ll arrange them for you.
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