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Pool Party

Glamour in the pool! Who said it wasn't possible? We can make it happen. Celebrating with balloons in the pool leaves you with incredible photos and memories. Quote with us and live an unforgettable experience full of lights, balloons and lots of water.

What do you want to see in your decoration?

Choose your favorite options and enjoy a refreshing decoration.

31” latex balloons $35.

18” to $25
$20 each
(Helium filled)

Orbitz 24” $25
Orbitz 36” $35
(Air filled)

Bubbles 24” $25
Bubbles 30” $35

Foil numbers 40” $25

30” to 40”
(Helium filled)

Mini bouquet $45
(Air filled)

Marquee numbers
$125 each
(Balloons not included)

Foam board
Numbers or letters
$125 each

Quote with us!