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Mini one number balloon bouquet
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Mini one number balloon bouquet


Make your celebration unforgettable with our mini number balloon bouquet! This charming bouquet features a dashing, high-quality 16 inch number foil balloon, surrounded by latex balloons on a colorful base. This arrangement will be eye-catching, while the latex balloons will create a festive and vibrant atmosphere. Create long lasting memories with our mini number balloon bouquet! Order yours now and start the celebration!

*The image is referential, you can adapt the model to the colors and style of your celebration.

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Celebrate in a unique way with our charming mini number balloon bouquet! This adorable arrangement features a beautiful 16-inch number balloon, accompanied by a base of colorful latex balloons. It’s the perfect way to custumize your events and surprise your loved ones. Our high-quality and durable balloons ensure that your  balloon bouquet stays inflated and vibrant throughout the celebration.

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or any other special occasion, our number balloon bouquet adds a touch of fun and joy to any event. You can combine different numbers to represent ages, significant dates, or personalized messages.

Transform any space into a colorful and stylish stage with our balloon bouquet. No matter the occasion, make your celebrations memorable with this charming detail! Order now and get ready to take your events to the next level with our Mini number balloon bouquet!